Elegant Chaos

Algebraically Simple Chaotic Flows
Author: Julien C. Sprott
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9812838821
Category: Mathematics
Page: 304
View: 9874
This heavily illustrated book collects in one source most of the mathematically simple systems of differential equations whose solutions are chaotic. It includes the historically important systems of van der Pol, Duffing, Ueda, Lorenz, Rossler, and many others, but it goes on to show that there are many other systems that are simpler and more elegant. Many of these systems have been only recently discovered and are not widely known. Most cases include plots of the attractor and calculations of the spectra of Lyapunov exponents. Some important cases include graphs showing the route to chaos.The book includes many cases not previously published as well as examples of simple electronic circuits that exhibit chaos. No existing book thus far focuses on mathematically elegant chaotic systems. This book should therefore be of interest to chaos researchers looking for simple systems to use in their studies, to instructors who want examples to teach and motivate students, and to students doing independent study.

Systems with Hidden Attractors

From Theory to Realization in Circuits
Author: Viet-Thanh Pham,Christos Volos,Tomasz Kapitaniak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319537210
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 105
View: 1081
This brief provides a general overview of nonlinear systems that exhibit hidden-attractor behavior, a topic of interest in subjects as divers as physics, mechanics, electronics and secure communications. The brief is intended for readers who want to understand the concepts of the hidden attractor and hidden-attractor systems and to implement such systems experimentally using common electronic components. Emergent topics in circuit implementation of systems with hidden attractors are included. The brief serves as an up-to-date reference on an important research topic for undergraduate/graduate students, laboratory researchers and lecturers in various areas of engineering and physics.

Elegant Fractals

Automated Generation of Computer Art
Author: Julien Clinton Sprott
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing
ISBN: 9813237155
Category: Computers
Page: 268
View: 6948
Fractals are intricate geometrical forms that contain miniature copies of themselves on ever smaller scales. This colorful book describes methods for producing an endless variety of fractal art using a computer program that searches through millions of equations looking for those few that can produce images having aesthetic appeal. Over a hundred examples of such images are included with a link to the software that produced these images, and can also produce many more similar fractals. The underlying mathematics of the process is also explained in detail. Other books by the author that could be of interest to the reader are Elegant Chaos: Algebraically Simple Chaotic Flows (J C Sprott, 2010) and Elegant Circuits: Simple Chaotic Oscillators (J C Sprott and W J Thio, 2020).

11th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference

Author: Christos H. Skiadas,Ihor Lubashevsky
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030152979
Category: Computer simulation
Page: 318
View: 7829
Gathering the proceedings of the 11th CHAOS2018 International Conference, this book highlights recent developments in nonlinear, dynamical and complex systems. The conference was intended to provide an essential forum for Scientists and Engineers to exchange ideas, methods, and techniques in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Fractals and their applications in General Science and the Engineering Sciences. The respective chapters address key methods, empirical data and computer techniques, as well as major theoretical advances in the applied nonlinear field. Beyond showcasing the state of the art, the book will help academic and industrial researchers alike apply chaotic theory in their studies.