Embedded Systems Architecture

A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers
Author: Tammy Noergaard
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0750677929
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 640
View: 8182
This comprehensive textbook provides a broad and in-depth overview of embedded systems architecture for engineering students and embedded systems professionals. The book is well-suited for undergraduate embedded systems courses in electronics/electrical engineering and engineering technology (EET) departments in universities and colleges, and for corporate training of employees. The book is a readable and practical guide covering embedded hardware, firmware, and applications. It clarifies all concepts with references to current embedded technology as it exists in the industry today, including many diagrams and applicable computer code. Among the topics covered in detail are: hardware components, including processors, memory, buses, and I/O system software, including device drivers and operating systems use of assembly language and high-level languages such as C and Java interfacing and networking case studies of real-world embedded designs applicable standards grouped by system application The CD-ROM accompanying the text contains source code for the design examples and numerous design tools useful to both students and professionals. A detailed laboratory manual suitable for a lab course in embedded systems design is also provided. Ancillaries also include a solutions manual and technical slides. * without a doubt the most accessible, comprehensive yet comprehensible book on embedded systems ever written! * leading companies and universities have been involved in the development of the content * an instant classic!

Embedded Systems 2E

Author: Raj Kamal
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9780070667648
Category: Embedded computer systems
Page: 681
View: 1043

Real-time Embedded Components and Systems

Author: Sam Siewert
Publisher: Charles River Media
ISBN: 9781584504689
Category: Computers
Page: 366
View: 4036
The emergence of new soft real-time applications such as DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and other multimedia devices has caused an explosion in the number of embedded real-time systems in use and development. Many engineers working on these emergent products could use a practical and in depth primer on how to apply real-time theory to get products to market quicker, with fewer problems, and better performance. Real-Time Embedded Systems and Components introduces practicing engineers and advanced students of engineering to real-time theory, function, and tools applied to embedded applications. The first portion of the book provides in-depth background on the origins of real-time theory including rate monotonic and dynamic scheduling. From there it explores the use of rate monotonic theory for hard real-time applications commonly used in aircraft flight systems, satellites, telecommunications, and medical systems. Engineers also learn about dynamic scheduling for use in soft real-time applications such as video on demand, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and video gaming. Sample code is presented and analyzed based upon Linux and VxWorks operating systems running on a standard Intel architecture PC. Finally, readers will be able to build working robotics, video, machine vision, or VoIP projects using low-cost resources and approaches to gain hands on real-time application experience. Real-Time Embedded Systems and Components is the one single text that provides an in-depth introduction to the theory along with real world examples of how to apply it.

CICS--a How-to for COBOL Programmers

Author: David Shelby Kirk
Publisher: QED Information Sciences
Category: CICS (Computer system)
Page: 371
View: 1765
Here's a comprehensive and useful book on CICS for COBOL programmers at all levels. Kirk focuses on techniques, structures, and style. If your're new to CICS, use this book as a CICS tutorial and then, as you gain mastery of CICS, as a handy desk reference. CICS pros can use it for review and reference, and for guidance in migrating to COBOL II.

Herding Cats

A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers
Author: Hank Rainwater
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430208309
Category: Computers
Page: 252
View: 4592
This self-help guide is for programmers who need to improve their management and leadership skills.

AS/400 Architecture and Application

The Database Machine
Author: Jill T. Lawrence
Publisher: QED Information Sciences
ISBN: 9780894354342
Category: IBM AS/400 (Computer)
Page: 300
View: 5478
Lawrence, a former IBM product manager for intermediate systems, combines an insider's knowledge and an outsider's perspective to tell you exactly what the AS/400 is, what it does, and how it does it. This is the best guide available for anyone considering downsizing or distributed computing and for AS/400 users who want to know more about what their AS/400 can do for them.


A Guide to Performance Tuning
Author: Eugene S. Hudders
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780894354267
Category: Application software
Page: 244
View: 8209

The handbook for microcomputer technicians

Author: Peter N. Bernstock
Publisher: QED Information Sciences
ISBN: 9780894354243
Category: Computers
Page: 451
View: 1236


Developing the Data Warehouse
Author: William H. Inmon,Chuck Kelley
Publisher: QED Information Sciences
ISBN: 9780894354298
Category: Data warehousing
Page: 225
View: 1463

REXX in the TSO Environment

Author: Gabriel F. Gargiulo
Publisher: QED Information Sciences
Category: REXX (Computer program language)
Page: 471
View: 7533
Instant productivity increases are guaranteed with this book. It shows how to use REXX with TSO, the ISPF Dialogue Manager, the ISPF Editor, Netview, DB2, SQL, and the QMF forms panels. This revised edition provides more detailed information on how to get the most of the ISPF Dialogue Manager and includes a comprehensive quick reference guide as an appendix.