Modern Techniques for Successful IT Project Management

Author: Shang Gao,Lazar Rusu
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466674741
Category: Computers
Page: 345
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Computer technology provides the opportunity for innovation and progress in the daily operations and initiatives of corporations. Despite the positive elements of integrating technology into the workplace, corporations continue to struggle with the challenges created by rapid technological advancements. Modern Techniques for Successful IT Project Management brings together academic research and professional practice to examine the complexity of implementing technology into the structure and organization of a corporation's ventures. This publication is an essential reference source for researchers, professionals, and upper-level university students working in the fields of project management, information systems, and IT project management interested in the methodologies and research necessary to improve the impact of Information Technology.

Practice-Driven Research on Enterprise Transformation

Second Working Conference, PRET 2010, Delft, The Netherlands, November 11, 2010, Proceedings
Author: Frank Harmsen,Frank Schalkwijk,Joseph Barjis,Sietse Overbeek
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642167705
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 217
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The PRET working conferences are set up as a one-day event in such a way that it attracts an audience from both industry and academia. PRET 2010 was a continuation of the PRET 2009 working conference, which was organized as the industrial track at the 2009 CAiSE conference. The PRET 2010 working conference was organized as part of theenterpriseengineering week, and was co-located with PoEM 2010 and TEAR 2010 in Delft. The statement that modern-day enterprises are in a constant state of ?ux is in 2010 even more true than it was in 2009. The markets are in a state of confusion and seem to have no direction at all, as they are swinging back and forth depending on often contradictory signals and economic forecasts. As a consequence, enterprises, be they private businesses, government departments or other organizations, are taking their measures. Restructuring, divesting, - proving performance and merging are among the usual transformationactivities thatenterprisesconducttoprovideanswerstotheever-challengingdemandsthat are put on them. In addition to the tricky economic situation, developments like globalization, rapid technologicaladvancement, aging and the changing mindset of customers contribute to a situation in which nothing is certain anymore and in which change is the only constant. PRET approaches these developments and the impact they have on ent- prises from a holistic enterprise engineering perspective.


Combining Health Telematics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics to the Edge : CeHR Conference Proceedings 2007
Author: Bernd Blobel
Publisher: Pro Universitate
ISBN: 9783898380898
Category: Bioinformatics
Page: 350
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Project-Management in Practice

A Guideline and Toolbox for Successful Projects
Author: M. Daud Alam,Uwe F. Gühl
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662529440
Category: Computers
Page: 170
View: 3304
This practice-oriented book explores a variety of cross-project topics and specific aspects of different project phases. It also offers tips, examples, templates and checklists, and discusses concrete problems and solutions from project practice in IT and the automotive industry. The authors combine their extensive practical experience in years of project work with relevant project-management theory. Each chapter begins with a list of the learning objectives and concludes with a summary of the insights provided. Accordingly, the book offers a valuable resource for: Beginners wishing to acquire basic project management skills Participants in more advanced project management training who are looking for instructional material Project management experts who want to learn about further aspects, and to employ templates and checklists for even more successful projects

German Medical Data Sciences: A Learning Healthcare System

Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the German Association of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (gmds e.V.) 2018 in Osnabrück, Germany – GMDS 2018
Author: U. Hübner,U. Sax,H.-U. Prokosch
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1614998965
Category: Medical
Page: 260
View: 9102
Advances in digital and information technology have meant that medical informatics and its associated fields are of ever-increasing importance in the modern healthcare environment. This book presents selected papers from the 63rd annual conference of the German Society of Medical Information Sciences, Biometry, and Epidemiology, GMDS 2018, held in Osnabrück, Germany, in September 2018. The society encompasses not only medical informatics, biometry and epidemiology, but also medical bioinformatics, systems biology and health data management. The title of this year’s conference is “The Learning Health System: Research Based, Innovative, Connecting”, and 38 full papers of the 164 oral presentations and 65 posters delivered at the conference are included here. A wide variety of scientific topics are covered, including standards to enable the interoperable interchange of information; metadata management; record linkage; IT issues for health care networks; interprofessional teaching and training; eHealth legislation; analysis of miRNAs and RNA-Seq data, among others. The contributors are all specialists in their field, and this book disseminates some of the innovative ideas which are urgently needed to meet the challenges facing a constantly developing digital healthcare environment.

Danish exporters. 2004

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788772258263
Page: N.A
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Project Knowledge Management

Systematic Learning with the Project Comparison Technique
Author: Erwin Wasielewski
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540927948
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 175
View: 1895
This is the first English book on Project Comparison Technique. It facilitates the first steps towards project comparisons for project management experts and scientists. It also details possible approaches and relates real-world experiences.

Praxisbuch Prozessoptimierung

Management- und Kennzahlensysteme als Basis für den Geschäftserfolg
Author: Ernst Jankulik,Roland Piff
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3895786519
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 208
View: 5457
Das Buch stellt Modelle für die Messung von Hard- undSoftfacts vor, sowie praxisnahe Beispiele und Lessons Learned ausverschiedenen Branchen. Die Beispiele liefern ein Toolset, aus demman sich Messwerkzeuge und Optimierungsideen für das eigeneUnternehmen heraussuchen kann.

Major Companies of Europe

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Corporations
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Governance Arrangements for IT Project Portfolio Management

Qualitative Insights and a Quantitative Modeling Approach
Author: Thorsten Frey
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658056614
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 272
View: 4153
Due to the growing importance of IT-based innovations, contemporary firms face an excessive number of proposals for IT projects. As typically only a fraction of these projects can be implemented with the given capacity, IT project portfolio management as a relatively new discipline has received growing attention in research and practice in recent years. Thorsten Frey demonstrates how companies are struggling to find the right balance between local autonomy and central overview about all projects in the organization. In this context, impacts of different contextual factors on the design of governance arrangements for IT project portfolio management are demonstrated. Moreover, consequences of the use of different organizational designs are analyzed. The author presents insights from a qualitative empirical study as well as a simulative approach.