Last Call for Liberty

How America's Genius for Freedom Has Become Its Greatest Threat
Author: Os Guinness
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830873376
Category: Religion
Page: 335
View: 2428
The American republic is suffering its gravest crisis since the Civil War. Will conflicts, hostility, and incivility tear the country apart? Os Guinness argues that we face a fundamental crisis of freedom as once again America has become a house divided. This grand treatment of history, civics, and ethics in the Jewish and Christian traditions represents Guinness's definitive exploration of the prospects for human freedom today.

A Companion to Livy

Author: Bernard Mineo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118338979
Category: History
Page: 504
View: 9655
A Companion to Livy features a collection of essays representing the most up-to-date international scholarship on the life and works of the Roman historian Livy. Features contributions from top Livian scholars from around the world Presents for the first time a new interpretation of Livy's historical philosophy, which represents a key to an overall interpretation of Livy's body of work Includes studies of Livy's work from an Indo-European comparative aspect Provides the most modern studies on literary archetypes for Livy's narrative of the history of early Rome

Last Call for Blackford Oakes

Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780156032957
Category: Fiction
Page: 353
View: 1255
In an eleventh installment of the series featuring dashing CIA agent Blackford Oakes, the master spy crosses swords with Kim Philby, a high-ranking defector to the Cold War-era Soviet Union, a confrontation that is complicated by unsettling news that greets him upon his return to Washington. By the author of Spytime. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

Last Call for the African-American Church

The Death of Global Missions
Author: Chester Williams
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761864970
Category: Religion
Page: 286
View: 9226
Last Call for the African-American Church revisits the commandment Jesus left his followers to proclaim the gospel worldwide until his return, one that by all accounts is no longer a priority in the contemporary African-American church.

Last Call

The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
Author: Daniel Okrent
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439171691
Category: History
Page: 480
View: 2738
A brilliant, authoritative, and fascinating history of America’s most puzzling era, the years 1920 to 1933, when the U.S. Constitution was amended to restrict one of America’s favorite pastimes: drinking alcoholic beverages. From its start, America has been awash in drink. The sailing vessel that brought John Winthrop to the shores of the New World in 1630 carried more beer than water. By the 1820s, liquor flowed so plentifully it was cheaper than tea. That Americans would ever agree to relinquish their booze was as improbable as it was astonishing. Yet we did, and Last Call is Daniel Okrent’s dazzling explanation of why we did it, what life under Prohibition was like, and how such an unprecedented degree of government interference in the private lives of Americans changed the country forever. Writing with both wit and historical acuity, Okrent reveals how Prohibition marked a confluence of diverse forces: the growing political power of the women’s suffrage movement, which allied itself with the antiliquor campaign; the fear of small-town, native-stock Protestants that they were losing control of their country to the immigrants of the large cities; the anti-German sentiment stoked by World War I; and a variety of other unlikely factors, ranging from the rise of the automobile to the advent of the income tax. Through it all, Americans kept drinking, going to remarkably creative lengths to smuggle, sell, conceal, and convivially (and sometimes fatally) imbibe their favorite intoxicants. Last Call is peopled with vivid characters of an astonishing variety: Susan B. Anthony and Billy Sunday, William Jennings Bryan and bootlegger Sam Bronfman, Pierre S. du Pont and H. L. Mencken, Meyer Lansky and the incredible—if long-forgotten—federal official Mabel Walker Willebrandt, who throughout the twenties was the most powerful woman in the country. (Perhaps most surprising of all is Okrent’s account of Joseph P. Kennedy’s legendary, and long-misunderstood, role in the liquor business.) It’s a book rich with stories from nearly all parts of the country. Okrent’s narrative runs through smoky Manhattan speakeasies, where relations between the sexes were changed forever; California vineyards busily producing “sacramental” wine; New England fishing communities that gave up fishing for the more lucrative rum-running business; and in Washington, the halls of Congress itself, where politicians who had voted for Prohibition drank openly and without apology. Last Call is capacious, meticulous, and thrillingly told. It stands as the most complete history of Prohibition ever written and confirms Daniel Okrent’s rank as a major American writer.

The Last Call

Author: Jeannie Leber
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1604778431
Category: Religion
Page: 252
View: 6783
Leber shares the divine visions she has experienced, which she credits as being the reasons she did not commit suicide. (Christian)

Liberty's Call

A Story of the American Revolution
Author: Donnell Rubay
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477166556
Category: Philosophy
Page: 451
View: 9789
Thirty-seven years before Scarlett OHara and Gone With the Wind, Janice Meredith juggled suitors, struggled to survive and watched a sweeping war transform America. Her story was the subject of a best-selling novel, in 1899and the most expensive movie made to-date, in 1924. Now, Libertys Call gives Janices story to modern readers.

Everybody for Everybody: Truth, Oneness, Good, and Beauty for Everyone’S Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

Author: Samuel A. Nigro
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477114696
Category: Religion
Page: 583
View: 5940
EVERYONE FOR EVERYONEthe book (volumes I & II) by Samuel A. Nigro, M.D. The Everybody for Everybody Book is the accumulation of what was learned over 70 plus years of life, over 45 years of marriage, over 40 years as a psychiatrist, 3 years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service, and as a first generation American with five children and ten grandchildren. The planet and mankind are amazing. To limit ourselves to behaviors as if there is nothing more, is contradicted by an accurate comprehensive understanding of the planet and the universe. Basically, love is superior to all and the universe is the entropy necessary for the expression of love. Love itself requires there to be more. Nothing more is a cruel joke that life and love are meaningless. All logic and reason demand there be more, and we should act as if there is even much more love in anticipation. And if there isnt, then there ought to be! Regardless, the world would be better by believing in such and acting as such. The book provides some articles but most of it is the way to live a transcendental life: organized matter sanctified and given a soul by identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty for everyones life, liberty, and pursuit of happinesspartially the subtitle of the book. You get substance and the transcendental principles for living that save by actuality for a change. This is in contrast to the virtual reality culture of the unreliable manipulating self-discrediting noisy glitzy press&media imposed substanceless non-being which, by suggestibility, turns us into choiceless aliens instead of free persons for the planet. By the self-worshiping self-discrediting press&media, we are on the madman road-rage race to the bottom culture of pollution, disgust, death, and decline. Not by this book. Against vulgar suggestibility and glitz caused gullibility, this book gives real being by teaching six analogous ways of living the wisdom-filled eight categories of metaphors of love in the cone of space-time: As a human particle by elementary physicsevent, spectrum, field, quantum, singularity, dimension, uncertainty, and force. As a human being by community universalsdignity, unity, integrity, identity, spirituality, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. As a C/catholic, Roman or otherwise, by the sacramentsBaptism, Penance, Holy Communion, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, and Grace. As a Christian by the virtuesfaith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, courage, temperance, and holiness. As a patient by the universal variables of all therapyliving things are precious, selective ignoring, subdued spontaneity non-self excluded, affect assistance, detached warmth & gentleness, non-reactive listening, C2CC centered candidness, and peace & mercy. And as sanctified by the last words of the crucified Christ. Take your pick or combine them all. Except for the quantity, it is simple. Thousands of aphorisms and concepts about every imaginable topic are offered to teach ancient secrets from nature and natures God (to quote the Founding Fathers of America). Interspersed in the book are the worlds first SEX SATIRES...fiery hilarious...which will help all cope with the prurience flooding the world as entertainment, advertisement and games. SEX SATIRE, properly applied to those exploiting sex, will free you from sex craziness and help keep societys prurience from disrupting your transcendental life. Read it through once; then a few pages or a chapter daily; and problem-solve as needed by index and perusal. You will be better. The world will be better. You will learn to be a real human being for everyone. And you will have your soul back by embracing the universal Mass mantra: life-sacrifice-virtue-lovehumanity- peace-freedom-death.

Liberty Call... Port of Spain

Author: Azreay'l
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477181210
Category: Fiction
Page: 319
View: 7128
Liberty CallPort of SpainGut-bustlingly, hilariously, and outrageously funny." The plot starts with three comical, class clowns turned military offi cers. Chief Warrant Offi cer Kenneth Nelton, Ensign Alfred Boltan, and Ensign Gregory Washington fi nd themselves stationed together onboard a naval vessel. These misfi ts are keen at creating continual pranks just to keep the crew in good spirits, but always manage to keep senior management in turmoil from their silly plots in the name of fun. Later, these three fi nd themselves united with the king of pranks and mastermind of deception, Lieutenant Barry Soliere, when deceptively plotting for new transfer orders to Spain. Shortly upon their transfer, this elite group of comical military misfi ts fi nds themselves assigned on a fi ve-day temporary duty in Spain. Unable to distinguish their professional demeanor from everyday play, their non-stop childish behavior continually spills over into the workplace as they delight co-workers but manage to piss off senior management. They embark on a fun-fi lled adventure while on liberty. They fi nd themselves in deep trouble with a corrupt Spanish mobster when they befriend the boss exwife and his fi anc, top models and strippers. As if making an enemy out of the mob boss is not enough, they turn around and have a run-in with a notorious, dangerous, Jamaican drug lord while out on the town. Liberty Call is a laugh-out-loud comedy written with a solid storyline and a myriad of funny twists and turns. If you simply enjoy comedy, this is a must read. If you love hilarious comedy, then spend a quiet afternoon with this one. There are all sorts of knuckleheads whom we work with daily. Every organization has them, and these comical idiots are not uncommon; however, Liberty Call has an exceptionally higher concentration than most workplaces. It is a masterpiece that melds a little of everything: crazy humor, and romantic and not-so-romantic scenes. It is an outrageous, hilarious comedy, with escalating comical events about day-to-day living with Liberty Call.

Calling Out Liberty

The Stono Slave Rebellion and the Universal Struggle for Human Rights
Author: Jack Shuler
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604734737
Category: Social Science
Page: 224
View: 9772
On Sunday, September 9, 1739, twenty Kongolese slaves armed themselves by breaking into a storehouse near the Stono River south of Charleston, South Carolina. They killed twenty-three white colonists, joined forces with other slaves, and marched toward Spanish Florida. There they expected to find freedom. One report claims the rebels were overheard shouting, "Liberty!" Before the day ended, however, the rebellion was crushed, and afterwards many surviving rebels were executed. South Carolina rapidly responded with a comprehensive slave code. The Negro Act reinforced white power through laws meant to control the ability of slaves to communicate and congregate. It was an important model for many slaveholding colonies and states, and its tenets greatly inhibited African American access to the public sphere for years to come. The Stono Rebellion serves as a touchstone for Calling Out Liberty, an exploration of human rights in early America. Expanding upon historical analyses of this rebellion, Jack Shuler suggests a relationship between the Stono rebels and human rights discourse in early American literature. Though human rights scholars and policy makers usually offer the European Enlightenment as the source of contemporary ideas about human rights, this book repositions the sources of these important and often challenged American ideals.