Water, Power and Politics in the Middle East

The Other Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Author: Jan Selby
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860649349
Category: History
Page: 275
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Jan Selby draws on numerous sources, from testimonies of local water engineers and administrators, to narrative accounts of citizens, and eyewitness accounts of people's coping strategies to examine the water crisis in the Middle East. He argues that the water crisis needs to be approached from a range of scales and perspectives -from the long historical patterns of state formation and development within which water crises emerge, to the practices through which people adapt to water shortages in the course of their everyday interaction-and frames the problems in relation to broader patterns of politics, political economy, state formation and development.

Holy Land?

Challenging questions from the biblical landscape
Author: Andrew Mayes
Publisher: SPCK
ISBN: 0281066574
Category: Religion
Page: 160
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Holy Land? draws us into the evocative landscape of the Holy Land itself. Sacred yet scarred, the lands of the Bible stimulate us to think about a range of issues that are both urgent and timeless. In Jerusalem, 'a veritable melting pot of cultures', we meditate on the question, 'What is home?' At the River Jordan, where John the Baptist delivered his radical call to repentance and baptism, we ask, 'Who am I?' In the cave of Christ's burial and resurrection in the Holy Sepulchre, we wonder, 'How can I face the darkness?' Confronted by the vast desolation of the desert, we cry, 'Dare I be alone with God?' And negotiating the obstacle-strewn Road to Emmaus, we consider, 'Am I ready for change?' Holy Land? will benefit those preparing to undertake a physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and those seeking a spiritual resource to deepen the life of faith and discipleship.

Power and Water in the Middle East

The Hidden Politics of the Palestinian-Israeli Water Conflict
Author: Mark Zeitoun
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857715852
Category: Political Science
Page: 224
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Power and Water in the Middle East' provides a powerful new perspective on the Palestinian-Israeli water conflict. Adopting a new approach to understanding water conflict - hydro-hegemony - the author shows the conflict to be much more deeply entrenched than previously thought and reveals how existing tactics to control water are leading away from peace and towards continued domination and a squandering of this vital resource.Existing approaches tend to play down the negative effects of non-violent water conflict, and what is presented as co-operation between countries often hides an underlying state of conflict between them. The new analytical framework of hydro-hegemony exposes the hidden dynamics of water conflict around the world and yields critical insights in to the Middle East water problem. This important work will interest researchers, professionals and policy makers involved with the politics of the Middle East and with water conflict more generally. 'a compelling story of state-building, inter-state competition, and the central role that water plays in state development' - Water Alternatives 'washes away another colourful colonial myth and reveals a history of squandered resources, domestic injustice, and regional belligerence... Zeitoun's meticulous investigation of the conflict over water in the region is a convincing read ... it remains essential reading for anybody working on resource management through government ministries, national agencies, and NGOs in the region.' - Arab Studies Journal

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

A History with Documents
Author: Charles D. Smith
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312437367
Category: History
Page: 598
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This history of the Arab Israeli War of 1967 includes a basic outline of pre-1948 history of the region, the history of Zionism and the peace negotiations of the 1990s.

The Political Ideology of Hamas

A Grassroots Perspective
Author: Michael Irving Jensen
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857715747
Category: Political Science
Page: 240
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Hamas is typically portrayed in the West as nothing more than a terrorist organisation. Yet as Michael Irving Jensen discovers, it also provides medical clinics, kindergartens, schools, elderly care and football training to the population of the West Bank and Gaza. Using a combination of interviews and participant observation, Jensen examines how these forms of social engagement relate to the organisation’s official ideology, which is still characterised by extremism and violence. The Political Ideology of Hamas is the first attempt to provide a multidimensional picture of this organisation by looking at how it is perceived by the leadership, the rank-and-file, and the ordinary Palestinians who come into contact with it. By comparing the rhetoric of the leadership with the social reality, Jensen opens up new ways of understanding Islamist movements in general. 'There are few other texts available in English that look into the social side of Hamas to any degree, and none that I know of that do so in this detail...well researched.' - Glen Rangwala, University of Cambridge

Muslims in Modern Turkey

Kemalism, Modernism and the Revolt of the Islamic Intellectuals
Author: Sena Karasipahi
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 085771497X
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
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Modern Turkey is the site of a powerful Islamic revival, with a strong intellectual elite dedicated to the overthrow of secular modernism. Why have modern Muslim intellectuals turned against the ideals of Kemalism on which the modern Turkish nation-state is founded? What does this reveal about the future of Turkey? And how are Islamic intellectuals in Turkey affected by developments in the Middle East? Muslims in Modern Turkey is the first book to analyse this phenomenon, tracing the evolution of Muslim intellectual thought from the 1980s to the present day. It focuses on six leading Muslim thinkers - Ali Bulaç, Rasim Özdenören, ?smet Özel, ?lhan Kutluer, Ersin Nazif Gürdo?an and Abdurrahman Dilipak - who belong to a single school and share a novel understanding of Islam. They act as public intellectuals, who aim to reform and enlighten society by educating them and raising their awareness of Islamic values, arguing not for the compatibility of Islam and European values but the fundamental superiority of Islam over secular democracy. Sena Karasipahi places the Turkish experience in its broader international context and shows how Turkish Islamic intellectuals are affected by the earlier Muslim intellectuals and revivalists in the Arab world and in Turkey. This important study makes connections with the Islamic revival process throughout the contemporary Middle East as well as with comparable movements in Turkey’s own past, making this a crucial contribution to an understanding of contemporary Islamic political thinking.

Reunifying Cyprus

The Annan Plan and Beyond
Author: Andrekos Varnava,Hubert Faustmann
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857716387
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
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Spring 2008 witnessed the first positive signs of a thaw in relations between the two sides of the divided island of Cyprus since the dramatic failure of the Annan Plan in 2004. The historic meeting of the two Presidents of Cyprus and the symbolic opening of the Ledra Street border crossing in the heart of Nicosia was seen herald a bright new future for this Mediterranean island. Yet Cyprus has been in this situation before. Reunifying Cyprus is the first book to analyse fully the reasons for the continuing failure to re-unite the two states of Cyprus after over forty years of division. It focuses especially on the Annan Plan - the popular name for the UN initiative to find a ‘Comprehensive Solution to the Cyprus Problem’ in anticipation of Cyprus’ accession to the EU - and the reasons for its ultimate failure. How did Cypriots receive the Annan Plan? What were the real or imagined flaws? Was this a missed opportunity? And what place does the Annan Plan have in future blueprints to reunify the island? Reunifying Cyprus is invaluable reading for anyone interested in conflict resolution and international politics as well as students of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Middle East and North Africa 2004

Author: Taylor & Francis Group
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9781857431841
Category: History
Page: 1370
View: 8301
Now in its 50th edition, this title continues to provide the most up-to-date geo-political and economic information for this important world area.

Being Israeli

The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship
Author: Gershon Shafir,Yoav Peled
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521796729
Category: History
Page: 397
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The authors speculate on the relationship between identity and citizenship in Israel.

Journal of Palestine Studies

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Jewish-Arab relations
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